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Mizzou needs to win with authority; second half is audition time

 COLUMBIA (Missouri Football App) -- It's not that we look bad, it's that we look like we are scared to explore. 

Missouri has the reputation of being a fast-strike, creative offense. That's not to say we aren't doing that, I just really would like to see the swagger that the Tigers became nationally known for.

We are running our backup quarterback and awful lot. Now, he's a tank, and a formidable haul to bring down, but let's see that arm we recruited him for. Yes, he's made some bad passes, but it's his first game. Also, when you only get one play a possession to show off your arm, you start to press a little bit. You want so badly to succeed on that play so you can have more of them.

Our defense is playing like a top SEC squad should. Honestly, this may be the best Mizzou defense to date. We look fast, we hit hard, and we take down on first contact. 

For the first time in a long time, the Mizzou offense is the question mark. Back up QB or not, we still need to prove we can score points. Our running game is still looking way too questionable for the SEC. 

In this second half we really need to show another level. Either turn the passing attack up to 11 (something Missouri is more than capable of doing) or show that we can run the ball with authority. 

A win is a win, so I won't complain, but I'd sleep a lot better if it were a convincing one. 

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