First quarter highlights: defense, defense, defense -

First quarter highlights: defense, defense, defense

 COLUMBIA (Missouri Football App) -- The Tigers look well in control of this game, but it's predominantly thanks to the defense. 

Two takeaways in the first quarter helped take the pressure off Berkstresser in his first start, and put ASU on its heels. 

Berkstresser is still looking to find his feet as he seems to be a bit too amped up. He is overthrowing wideouts and still lacking the accuracy he'll need to truly pick apart this ASU secondary. I think he will settle in nicely in the second half, but right now he needs to slow down and take a breath.

Perhaps what's hurting that strategy is Missouri's continued weakness on the ground. As of this writing, the Tigers have 19 rushes and are averaging 2.8 yards a carry. This has to be better. Our QBs can't carry the load alone, and running Berkstresser as much as we are is not the answer. 

Missouri needs to stay hot and defense and figure out how to run the ball. 

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