Stunt rider in town for rally crashes, run over by car on I-55 -

Stunt rider in town for rally crashes, run over by car on I-55

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By Dan Mueller By Dan Mueller

ST. LOUIS ( -- Motorcycle stunt riders have descended on St. Louis for what they are calling the “Ride of the Century." During an apparent warm-up on Friday night, dozens of riders were doing stunts on I-55 when one of them crashed. He was run over by a car.
“I was actually watching everyone do wheelies and everything and one of them just spun out of control,” said Steve Lee. “Literally I ran him over and he looked at me. I got out of my car to make sure he was okay and he took off.”
Skyzoom 4 captured the moments right after the crash in the far left lane on southbound I-55 near Reavis Barracks Road. You could see the rider getting up on his motorcycle right after he and the motorcycle were run over.
It’s unclear of any injuries to that rider since he took off, but Lee could’ve been killed.
“I slammed on the brakes so hard my car actually stalled and I was just stuck in the middle of the highway,” said Lee. “And the whole group of them just took off. And I got out of the car and had my hands up in the air.”
Police aren’t amused and say these stunt riders are putting others’ lives at risk for their own moment of adrenaline and attention. Leaders from area police departments gathered Friday to send the message that they will be out enforcing traffic laws.
“The very least that I think they should do is sign the back of their driver’s license,” said St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch. “Sign the back of their driver’s license and agree to be an organ donor.”
Chief Fitch says they will send any citation information straight to the rider’s insurance company.
On Friday night News 4 cameras showed police putting another rider in handcuffs on the side of I-55.
The main show is supposed to happen Saturday on I-70. YouTube video from last year showed riders completely stopping traffic on I-70 to do their stunts.
One rider from New York told News 4 they don’t care how many police officers are out.
“The thing is,” said Wade Landry. “There's so many of us that you really can't do anything.”

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