Coast Guard says search for explosives in world's largest steamb -

Coast Guard says search for explosives in world's largest steamboat was already scheduled

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By Belo Content KMOV By Belo Content KMOV

ST. LOUS, Mo. (KMOV) -- Federal and local authorities on Friday searched for explosives on the world’s largest steamboat, which anchored on the St. Louis Riverfront early.

The Coast Guard, Navy, Transportation Security Administration and St. Louis Airport Police were on board the American Queen riverboat for what the governtment said was a regularly scheduled search.

The steamboat is the largest riverboat ever built and it dropped anchor in St. Louis Friday morning.

A Coast Guard spokesman said authorities were conducting a scheduled search for dangerous items and explosives. Officials insisted there have been no threats against the boat and the inspection is not related to any heightened alert over violence in the Middle East. 

The American Queen was built as a period-specific replica in 1995. The boat has six decks, including one with a pool and a fitness room. It holds 436 passengers - including crew members - and has 222 state rooms.

According to a worker on the boat, the steam stacks that protrude from the top had to be lowered to fit under the Poplar Street Bridge.

Check out interior pictures of the riverboat.

For more information about the American Queen steamboat, visit their website.


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