Thieves smash BMW into Apple Store -

Thieves smash BMW into Apple Store

TEMECULA, California – Thieves used a BMW sport utility vehicle to try and carry out a smash-and-grab at a California Apple Store, but police said evidence left at the scene made it easy to make an arrest.

Video uploaded to YouTube showed several suspects taking as many Apple devices as they could after the SUV plowed into the store. When they tried to leave, however, they ran into trouble. The security gate closed behind the vehicle, forcing the driver to ram it several times to get out.

According to, the driver then pulled over near the scene to try and fix a couple flat tires, but he gave up and ditched the vehicle.

When the BMW X5’s owner realized his license plate was missing, he went back to the Apple Store to try and retrieve it, only to find police waiting for him.

Police said the driver still had the vehicle’s key in his pocket. He was arrested and taken into custody on $600,000 bail.

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