Halftime, Missouri 50, Truman St. 25 - KMOV.com

Halftime, Missouri 50, Truman St. 25

So far Missouri is looking like they should against a division two basketball team. Doubling the score of Truman St. the offense is rolling over the Bulldogs 50-25, shooting 52 percent from the field. The defense is playing even better, seeming to steal the ball every other play, with 12 steals. Coach Mike Anderson is getting to use all his players so the scoring attack has been pretty even with Keith Ramsey leading the Tigers with 9 points. The second half will most likely be a mixture of players again. I'll be looking for the guards to step up and score more, since it is their production that will be key to the regular season. But so far so good for the Tigers after a solid first half.



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