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Missouri vs. Baylor: Live Game Thread 2nd Half

3:01 - We're about to kick-off for the second half with Missouri leading 27-16. Baylor will receive.

3:08 - Florence buys some time with his feet and finds a man at the back of the endzone. Baylor narrows the gap to 27-23. I've been impressed by the freshman QB. He's nimble enough to extend plays and has a decent arm. I'm sure the job is Griffin's when he comes back, but the Florence should factor in there somewhere.

3:14 - Gabbert nearly picked off as Mizzou goes three-and-out on their first possession of the half. It's just their second punt of the day, but it comes at an inopportune time. Good teams have a knack of scoring at the right time and this would have been one of those times. Need a big stop here.

3:22 - Baylor drives into the red zone, but a sack and penalty move them back and they end up kicking a field goal. Just a one-point game, 27-26. That blocked extra point could end up being big.

3:27 - Gabbert nearly picked off twice on this drive, which ends in a Jake Harry punt to the 1-inch line. Nicely done. Offense has barely moved the ball on two second half drives, so a big play from the D would be appreciated.

3:29 - Ask and ye shall receive!! Dominique Hamilton stuffs the runner in the endzone for the safety. That puts the Tigers up by a field goal, which makes that blocked kick even bigger.

3:30 - PA just announced that Carl Gettis has a neck injury and won't be returning. X-rays were negative though. Good to hear.

3:37 - That's the end of the 3rd quarter with the offense facing a 3rd-and-28. Just two points for the Tigers so far this half, coming on the Hamilton safety. Gotta step it up!

3:42 - Mizzou gets down to the 30-yard line, but a holding call and a sack push them out of field goal range. Another good punt from Harry, pinning the Bears inside the 20.

3:45 - Florence connects on a 59-yarder with Kendall Wright to put the Bears up 33-29. The Baylor offense has now scored more today than in its last four games combined. All the air just got sucked out of the stadium. That's Wright's second TD of the day and it's been coming. Tigers looking hopeless on offense so far this half, not ruthless enough on defense.

3:45 - Another three-and-out. Perry gets his hands on a long pass from Gabbert, but can't haul it in and Harry's punting again. Looks like the defense might have to win this one. Just 40 yards of offense in almost 20 minutes of play this half.

3:56 - Kenji Jackson has a third-down pass in his mits, but can't hold onto it. That would have been a huge energy play. Regardless, the Bears punt to Brandon Gerau who gets a nice return, but a block in the back is going to back this up to the Missouri 10-yard-line.

4:00 - Baylor rushes three, drops eight... and still gets a sack. Gabbert's having trouble finding his open receiver. After the punt, Baylor has the ball on the Missouri 46. Woof.

4:03 - Florence just set a Baylor record for passing yards with 417. That's their third-string QB. Not a stat I like to hear. Missouri absolutely has to hold them to a field goal here. No way the offense scores twice in six minutes.

4:07 - No such luck. After stuffing two runs from the 1-yard-line, Terrance Ganaway rumbles in for a TD. Tigers outscored 24-2 since half-time. They're gonna need something special to pull this one out.

4:11 - 4th-and-6 inside their own 30, Tigers go for it and Gabbert hits Wes Kemp over the middle. Ooooooh baby this is tense. In practices and games, Gabbert's almost looked at his best during two-minute drills. The Tigers need two of them, let's see what he's got.

4:16 - Gabbert has GOT to learn when to throw the ball away. That's Baylor's third sack of the quarter. Losing 10 yards or more when you're driving is killer.

4:18 - Gabbert scrambles and hits Alexander in the numbers, but he can't hold on. 4th-and-22 from the 28. That's a 46-yard field goal attempt which Ressel sticks right down the middle. He and Harry may be the team's MVPs today. It's now an eight-point game, 40-32 Baylor. A touchdown and two-point conversion ties it up.

4:20 - 2:55 to go and the Tigers have two timeouts. Do they go for the onside or kick away and play some defense? Looks like they're going to go for the onside. I would too the way the defense has been playing.

4:21 - They don't do either and just squib kick up the middle. With Baylor lined up for the short kick there's no one back to block and they don't kick long? Very odd. Offsetting penalties are going to bring it back though. Let's see what they do this time.

4:23 - I think my head's about to explode. The ref gives some long explanation about something and after all that, it's Baylor's ball on the 23. Tigers need a three-and-out or the game's over.

4:28 - It's close, but the runner's stopped just short of the first down. Bears going for it. Hold on to your hats people!!!

4:29 - Scratch that. Baylor calls timeout and it looks like they're punting. Missouri will get a chance to tie things up.

4:30 - So the Tigers have 1:48 and no timeouts to move the ball 76 yards, then get the two-point conversion. If I stop updating, I may have blacked out.

4:31 - Alexander makes a leaping catch downfield. Missouri to the Baylor 37. A pass interference call on the next play tacks on another 15. Down to the 22. 1:22 to play.

4:33 - 4th-and-6, here's the ball game. Gabbert gets flushed out of the pocket and throws incomplete. Baylor will kneel and win 40-32. Very, very disappointing loss. Just the Tigers' fifth loss at Faurot Field in the last four seasons.

What does this mean for the Tigers' Big 12 North chances? Well, they're pretty much done. Winning out would mean 4-4, which probably won't be enough to push them past K-State or even Nebraska. Or even Iowa State... IOWA STATE!!! Urgh, I think I'm gonna be sick...


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