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4-Year-Old Severely Bitten On School Bus by Schoolmate


We're in Trenton, Illinois, right now putting together a story for Monday's 10pm newscast.

A 4-year-old girl was strapped into her school bus seat on Friday for the six-mile ride home from Trenton to New Baden. The girl's family says during the trip the pre-schooler in the seat next to her bit her several times. They have pictures of the bite marks. Some appear to be severe. She also lost the fingernail on her right pinky finger.

The school district says the bus driver pulled over not once, but twice, because the girl was crying so hard. The district says he didn't notice the injuries. The girl had a long-sleeved shirt on which may have offered some protection, but it may also have prevented the driver from seeing the bite marks.

The family says the girl and her schoolmate have ridden in the same seat more than half a dozen times with no problem. But recently there were indications the two were not getting along and would be separated for the ride home. The bus driver who normally handles the route knew this, but the substitute driver did not. It's not known at this point if the person who put the two little girls next to each other knew that there were problems between them.

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