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Women Gunned Down at Gas Station


We were in East St. Louis today covering a triple homicide. Three women and three children were in a car at a gas station when a man opened fire. The three women in the car were killed. The children survived.

The family of one of the victims says this is all the result of a domestic situation. An enraged, ex-boyfriend.

One woman who is a frequent customer at the gas station said she believes that too many people think a gun can solve their problems. We talked with East St. Louis Mayor Alvin Parks. He said the killings are frustrating, discouraging and heart wrenching. He said these three women that were killed were somebody's daughters. Two of them were mothers. Four children now are without their mother. Three families devastated. We asked Parks, "Where is the outrage?" The homicide rates in the St. Louis metro area are too high. These killings bring the number of homicides in East St. Louis to 27 compared to 19 for 2008. He said there is deep concern but he believes society is "too accepting" of actions

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