For Some Veterans "The Mission Continues" -

For Some Veterans "The Mission Continues"

We sat down with the co-founder of a non-profit organization that's based here in St. Louis called "The Mission Continues." Eric Greitens is a Navy Seal now serving in the reserves. A couple years ago he realized that several of the wounded and disabled veterans that were returning from Iraq and Afghanistan still wanted to serve their communities. But their physical and emotional wounds would not allow them to continue to serve in the military. "The Mission Continues" awards Fellowship to these veterans. An average Fellowship lasts about 14 weeks and during that time the Fellow volunteers full-time with a local charity.

There are outreach teams in Washington, DC, San Antonio, Honolulu, Tampa, Nashville, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Fresno and Seattle. Fellows have served in 17 states. The group is looking for more vets who would like to become involved. We've got some extended interviews on and if you want to know more, check our their website:

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