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H1N1 Vaccines In Demand


I think parents will have to have some patience as we all get through the H1N1 influenza situation. School districts are having a difficult time because of the vaccine shortage. I'm told the vaccine comes from the county health department which gets it from the Centers for Disease Control. But because of the shortage there's no real way to know exactly when school districts will get the vaccine and how much of it they'll receive.

That poses a problem for the districts. They're trying to coordinate nurses, staffing, volunteers, set aside a gym or auditorium to use and notify the parents. The lead nurse from the Lindbergh School District summed it up. She said, basically, we're educating children, we're not used to innoculating the masses. But that's what they're doing these days. They've got a few bugs to work out sometimes in the system to get things to flow smoothly. Patience is appreciated.


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