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What are the chances of something so terrible?

"Astronomical" is the word Gasconade County Sheriff Randy Esphorst used to describe the odds of what happened in a farm field Monday afternoon.

A man firing his gun at a target on his property (which is totally legal) sends a stray bullet more than three-and-a-half football fields away, traveling through brush and strikes a three-year old child in the head, ultimately killing her.

The little girl was with a couple of friends walking over to get a closer look at some horses according to a family friend of the victim.

It's one of those things that probably could never happen if someone tried to make it happen thousands of times.... but it happened this time by chance.

The sheriff says while there was no intent to do harm, the shooter certainly was negligent in not making sure there was a berm or something behind the target that would catch a bullet that misses the target.

No charges have been filed against the man (who the sheriff says is having a very tough time with all this and is cooperating fully with the investigation) as of Tuesday night.

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