Controversial Holiday Play -

Controversial Holiday Play

There is a little controversy brewing tonight in Tilden, Illinois. Tilden is about an hour and a half south of St. Louis, near Sparta. A concerned viewer emailed us with this story idea. According to him, the music teacher’s attempt to diversify the holiday program this year is not going over well. He says the teacher would like to mix Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Los Posados songs in the holiday play; and some parents are having it. To the point were some are threatening not to allow their students to sing in this year’s program. One woman told me that she doesn’t mind her child learning about other cultures, but her child is a Christian and she was offended that she was going to sing a Hanukkah song. 

I called the Sparta Schools Superintendent today looking for a comment. Larry Beattie told me that he was unaware of the issue until reporters began calling this afternoon. Beattie says he checked with the district’s lawyer, and the schools are allowed to host holiday programs as long as they are not “religious events,” like a mass. He went on to say that if the purpose of the program is to promote diversity there is nothing wrong with that.
One parent told me school leaders have already pulled the plug on the new holiday program.
We’ll keep checking, and let you know.

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