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Horror In Pacific

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By Bryce Moore By Bryce Moore

         Any relief that residents in Pacific, Missouri may feel over an arrest in the murder of an26 year old woman this week, seems to be replaced by the horror of possibly stumbling across a discarded body part.
        Investigators here tell us that 37 year old Vernell Loggins dismembered Stephanie Fields and apparently scattered the body parts.  Some have been recovered in the dumpster in the Monore Woods apartment complex, but the rest police fear may end up being found by residents of Pacific.
        Some additional info on this case.  Police say Fields body was found in a trash can that had the top sealed with super-glue.  They also found two trash bags in the dumpster, one with bloody rags along with mail addressed to Loggins.  The second bag had a receipt from Walmart for the trash can and an earring.
        Police say they do have security cam video of Loggins buying the glue, the can and the bags at Walmart in Eureka on November 2.

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