Alderman president wants less trash from drive-thru restaurants -

Alderman president wants less trash from drive-thru restaurants

St. Louis (KMOV) - The president of the St. Louis Board of Alderman says there's too much trash blowing out of drive-thru restaurants and he's got a plan to curtail it.

Lewis Reed's plan is to make every drive-thru restaurant in the city have a trash can between the drive-through and the street.

The idea is based on the belief people would toss their trash in the can and not onto the parking.

Board of Alderman President Lewis Reed says every restuarant should have a trash can drivers can reach to toss garbage before they even leave the lot. Reed doesn't believe he's asking a lot from businesses.

"We're asking them to give the people an opportunity to throw the trash away and asking them to empty their trash can and clean their parking lots," says Reed. "We think that's not a high threshold to meet."

Becky Swanagan lives across the street from a south St. Louis McDonalds and says she gets litter in her yard all the time from it. She doesn't blame the restaurant though.

"Even though the people may be doing a great thing by sitting the trash can there, help them to do that. Throw the trash in the trash can," Swanagan said.

Before the end of the year, St. Louis area drive-thru restaurants could get an order from the city.

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