Friday Travel Update -

Friday Travel Update

If you read Steve's blog from Thursday you know that we have our eye on a storm that is expected to develop early next week. I say expected because as of Friday evening it's just a wave of clouds in the Pacific Ocean. Travel in the midwest over the weekend shouldn't be a problem as I don't expect any precipitation or wind issues.

Monday - It will be breezy from St. Louis up through the Great Lakes, including Chicago, but no siginificant precipitation problems. Our storm system rolls into the Pacific Northwest bringing rain and mountain snow to that region.

Tuesday - Rain moves into St. Louis and points north as well as the Great Lakes. Minneapolis could see some snow. Still breezy here as well as Kansas and Colorado. Our storm gets reved up and begins dumpimg snow in the Rockies. Good news for ski areas.

Wednesday - I expect rain overnight Tuesday into early Wednesday. Heavy rain from the Gulf Coast up through the Ohio Valley. As the rain ends here by midday Wednesday and the cold air fills in, it's not out of the question that a few wet flakes could mix in with the rain. Too warm for any problems beyond wet roads and brisk winds though.

Thanksgiving Day - Cold here but dry. Rain all along the east coast. This is great news in the parched southeast!

Travel Safe!

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