BIG Changes Ahead -

BIG Changes Ahead

Last week Steve Templeton and I took notice of a developing storm system that was indicating a chance of a change-over to snow near Thanksgiving day. As meteorologists, we always seem to be in a conundrum with these extended forecasts. On top of that it always seems to happen around a holiday.

On one hand we are compelled to provide you with a "heads-up" if we see the potential for an important storm, especially if it occurs near a holiday. On the other hand if the forecast is a bust (as snow forecasts often are) we look bad...again.

Which brings me back to this week's forecast. It's looking more and more like we could see our first flakes of the season late Wednesday into Thanksgiving. Having said that this is NOT expected to be an icey travel problem for the St. Louis area. Here's how we see it panning out:

Another unseasonalby warm day with a high near 75. The record high of 76 was set in 1942. By late Tuesday evening there is a chance for some showers to develop. We could see a few thunderstorms Tuesday night.

A wild day. It starts with rain Wednesday morning and temperatures near 50 degrees. The rain chance continues through the day as temperatures fall through the 40s on a blustery north wind. Mid 40s in the afternoon and into the upper 30s by midnight. There is a chance that a few snowflakes could mix in with the rain.

Temperatures will be near freezing on Thursday morning so we could see a few flurries. The high on Thanksgiving day may not reach 40 with a strong northwest wind (can you say wind chi...chi...chi...chill?). A great day to sit inside and eat, watch football on channel 4...and then eat some more.

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