Frosty Football Weather: Mizzou vs. Kansas -

Frosty Football Weather: Mizzou vs. Kansas

I'm not sure a lot of people at the beginning of the college football season would have pegged the Missouri vs. Kansas game as this BIG. You may have watched LSU fall to Arkansas on Ch. 4 on Friday and now the Mizzou vs. Kansas game will probably have the eyes of the nation watching for possible National Title game implications. At this point, I know what you're this blog from Steve Savard or Steve Templeton?

All right, enough sports talk from me. But now that I've convinced you this is an important game, remember that it's being played outdoors at Arrowhead Stadium. So, the forecast is important too.

Cold. No way around it, it's going to be downright cold. Kickoff is at 7pm and temperatures should be around 37. Winds will be West turning Southwest at around 3 to 8 mph. Any wind adds a chill to the air, but the wind chill won't be a huge factor. We don't expect rain or snow to be a factor for gametime. Early on Saturday KC may see some light snow or flurries, but the forecast calls for the flurries to end and the clouds to break up by gametime. So, mostly clear skies and chilly temperatures is the latest forecast for the game.

Enjoy the game!

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