Accumulating Snow on the Way! -

Accumulating Snow on the Way!

Much of our area is now (or soon will be) under either a snow advisory or a winter weather advisory. Check out the main page of, and take a look at the weather alert text scrolling near the top of the page. This will tell you if your area is included in either of these advisories.

So, when does the wintery weather arrive, and is accumulating snow or ice really going to be a problem?

As is often the case, the most important factor in determining what kind of weather you'll see today (and when you'll see it) is... location!

Let's work our way from north to south...

Snow will be the focus in our northern-most counties (Pike and Lincoln counties in Missouri, along with Calhoun, Greene, Jersey, Macoupin, and Montgomery coutnies in Illinois). Look for the snow to move in late this afternoon, ending around midnight, with total accumulation ranging from 2 to 5 inches.

South of these counties, down through metropolitan St. Louis and the Interstate-70 corridor, a mix of snow, sleet, and rain is possible. Unfortunately, this looks to move in just in time for the evening rush. Some slushy spots are possible on the roads this evening. Get an early start on your drive home if possible. By midnight, total accumulations of 1 to 2 inches of sleet and snow are expected in this region.

South of metropolitan St. Louis, no significant accumulation of snow or sleet is expected. However, there still may be some light snow, rain, and sleet late this afternoon and this evening.

We've shifted into "4Warn Storm Mode". Check it out -- you'll get the latest radar, advisories, closings, road conditions, and much more, all on one easy-to-use page.

We'll keep you up to date back on the television side too, of course. Don't miss News4 at 5, 6, and 10 PM for the very latest on our first real taste of winter in months.

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