More Winter Weather? Or Just Rain? -

More Winter Weather? Or Just Rain?

So matt just blogged about our first encounter this season with some Wintery weather, and now we will be very close to the freezing line this weekend as some wet weather moves through.

So, let me take you through the details on what we're thinking (Firday evening) for this weekend storm:

Ice will mainly be Northwest of the St. Louis metro. While some spots in the viewing area may see some brief periods of freezing rain or drizzle, the ice accumulation will mainly be along and Northwest of a line from Columbia, MO to Springfield, IL. This means if you plan on doing some travel into Central or Northeastern Missouri, be prepared for freezing rain and sleet at times-especially Sunday. Any of the precipitation on Saturday looks light. It's really Sunday into Monday when it appars there will be a chance for heavy rain (and heavy freezing rain/sleet to the Northwest).

The freezing line is so close to St. Louis that we need to monitor this storm as it develops this weekend. Right now we expect to be on the warm side of this freezing line (above freezing) most of the weekend. However, if that changes we could be in store for some icing.

Ice in the metro? If this storm unfolds the way we think, we're expecting mainly rain. It would be light Saturday and heavier Sunday into Monday. However, watch for freezing drizzle Saturday morning before 9AM. After around 9 in the morning temperatures will rise above freezing for the rest of the day.

Also, Sunday night after 10:00 PM and into the Monday morning rush looks like a time when we may see some freezing rain or freezing drizzle across the metro.

This is a tricky forecast, but it's what makes working in St. Louis fun! So, the 4Warn Storm Team will be watching Skytracker Doppler, temperatures and the latest forecast updates over the weekend. If anything changes, check back with us right here at or check out the latest forecast on Channel 4.

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