LIttle Icing In The Metro -

LIttle Icing In The Metro

So you may wonder what all the hoopla is about because you haven't seen hardly any ice where you are. For much of the St. Louis Metro area, this has been the case. It's pretty amazing what a difference 1 degree can make. First of all, temperatures in the metro are usually a bit warmer than those in the outlying areas. And secondly, while I'm still new here, seems the street crews do a great job of treating the roads in the metro too.

Just outside of the metro, particularly areas to the north and west, ice accumulations were significant. Many spots got about 1/2 an inch. It just takes about a quarter inch of ice to start to bring down trees, which in turn brings down power lines. From our weather page, you can link to power outage information. As of this writing, there are still about 8500 without power in Missouri. Most of those occurred with Saturday night's icing. Unfortunately, many of those same spots in our viewing area that got hit so hard are in for yet another round tonight as another ice storm warning is in effect. This warning continues through Wednesday morning with 1/2 inch of more additional ice accumulation expected. Pike, Montgomery and Osage Counties in Missouri are all included.

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