Ice or Rain...What's Next? -

Ice or Rain...What's Next?

It seems like every day we are thrown another shot of moisture and temperatures near freezing at some point in the day. So, it begs the question, what's next?

Rain is the answer for most of us, including the St. Louis metro for Tuesday evening. Areas Northwest however, may see some ice later this evening as temperatures approach and drop below freezing. The farther Northwest, the better chance for ice accumulation. Right now it appears the ice accumulation should stay just North and Northwest of St. Charles County. For example cities like Tory, MO, Bowling Green, MO and White Hall, IL to name just a few, could see a trace to 0.1" of ice accumulation this evening and overnight. Keep in mind those are cities that have already seen some ice accumulation from previous rounds of freezing rain.

The latest forecast models are showing some drying after Midnight. While I think this is the trend, for less and less precipitation after Midngiht, there may still be some scattered rain or freezing rain in the area. And between 3am and 6am we could get some freezing rain in the metro. However, we expect a low of 33 which means roads will likley be wet but not icy in the metro, and freezing may occur on elevated objects like bridges and trees. However, it will be so close to freezing that a difference of two degrees could mean for icing on sidewalks and some roads. If the precipitation dries up overnight, we will still need to watch the temperature since roads will certainly be wet and possibly icy if cold enough.

As has been the case with these freezing rain events and temperatures at or near freezing, you'll want to look for updates throughout the event. Particularly tomorrow morning, turn on channel 4 to check out meteorologist Matt Chambers and the News 4 this morning crew as they'll bring you the very latest.

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