Cold & Snowy Start To December -

Cold & Snowy Start To December

The fine folks at our local National Weather Service have been digging into the record books, and we thank them for some interesting stats.

It turns out that it was a colder than average start to December. 16 of the first 17 days of this month had morning lows at or below the freezing mark of 32. Just yesterday (Monday) we hit the coldest low of the season at 11 degrees at Lambert. And of course we know it was a snowy start to the month as our 6.9" of snow on Saturday was the 4th largest daily snowfall for December on record! If you add the .5" we had after Midnight into Sunday morning the storm total was 7.4" officially at Lambert.

I did some digging of my own, and found we have a yearly average of 22.5" of snow. And last year we had a well below normal 13.2" measured at Lambert Airport for the year. This means we just had more than half of last year's TOTAL snow dumped on us in one day!

Now, we're looking at a storm this weekend that is in line to bring us mainly rain with some snow possible on the tail end as early as Saturday afternoon or more likely Saturday night. But we'll see how the models handle this next storm and if we see changes that could bring us more snow (in time for Christmas) we'll let you know.

Happy Holidays!

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