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Where Does 2007 Rank in St. Louis Weather History?

From a January ice storm, to oppresive August heat, to a big December snow, 2007 was literally a year of ups and downs! Now that the year is over, our friends at the National Weather Service office in Weldon Spring have done some number crunching. When all the numbers are tallied, 2007 comes in as relatively warm and dry.

Official temperature and precipitation records run all the way back to 1870 in St. Louis, and 2007 is tied for the 10th warmest year on record! March and August contributed greatly to that ranking, with high temperatures in March averaging more than 8 degrees warmer than normal and August highs averaging seven degrees warmer than normal. There were six days in August with high temperatures at or above 100 degrees!

The 2007 calendar year ranks as the 25th driest on record! Only two months out of twelve saw more than their average amount of precipitation, while the other 10 fell shy of the norm. St. Louis received a little less than 80% of its normal annual precipitation in 2007.

Here's a list of some of the more memorable local weather events from 2007...

January 12-15: Ice Storm
January 20-21: Snow and Ice Storm
February 13: Winter Storm
March 1: Bow Echo Event
March 31: Bow Echo Event over City of St. Louis
August 24: Damaging Wind Event
September 30: Perry, IL Tornado
October 2: Tornadoes
October 18: Tornadoes
December 6: Winter Weather Event
December 8-12: Ice Storm
December 15: Winter Storm

For more information on each and every one of these events (photographs, charts, maps, etc.), just click here.

Here's to a happy and safe 2008!

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