Freakishly Warm, But Will We Pay the Price? -

Freakishly Warm, But Will We Pay the Price?

What a weekend! We didn't just break the record high temperature Sunday -- we obliterated it!

Sunday afternoon's high temperature of 73 degrees far surpassed the previous record of 67! That benchmark temperature had been in place since 1907. In other words, on Sunday, we shattered a record high that had stood for over one hundred years!

Garnering less attention, but still just as impressive, is the fact that we also set a "record high minimum temperature" Sunday. Sunday morning's low temperature of 56 degrees was the warmest on record, coming in two degrees warmer than the previous record of 54 set way back in 1880!

If you've lived in the St. Louis area, or anywhere in the Midwest, for any lenth of time, you're probably wondering the same thing I am...

How will we pay the price for this later?

These January warm snaps are often followed by impressive winter storms, or sometimes even thunderstorms. This time around, it's the latter.

From the Storm Prediction Center

The green circle with the "SLGT" label indicates the geographic area that faces a slight risk of severe thunderstorms this evening, overnight, and early Tuesday.

As a slow-moving front plows into our warm, humid air later today, look for scattered showers to develop. Into the evening and overnight hours, heavier rain is possible, along with some rumbles of thunder. A few of the stronger storms could produce small hail and damaging winds. It's definately a night to keep the NOAA weather radio beside the bed, just in case.

Behind this storm system, temperatures will begin to tumble Tuesday afternoon. It will feel much more like January from Wednesday into the weekend!

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