Roller Coaster Temperatures -

Roller Coaster Temperatures

What a ride it's been! The month started out cold but then we set record high temperatures on the 6th and 7th of January. It's hard to remember those two 73 degree days when you're dealing with single digit temperatures! Those temperatures combined with a strong cold front on the 8th helped to bring severe thunderstorms and a quick end to the warm-up. We were right about normal there for a while but then on the 18th an arctic cold front arrived which brought our coldest air of the season this past weekend. Saturday's morning low was 7 degrees and Sunday's was only 5! That's about 15 degrees below normal. As I was preparing my forecast Sunday evening I caught some of the Greenbay Packers game against The Giants. They had temperatures slightly below zero with windchills about 20 below! And the quarterbacks didn't wear gloves! Makes our weather look balmy...well, almost.

So that brings us to now. It's interesting because the same south wind that is causing the temperatures to climb rapidly today is providing us with wind chills. Despite that, the temperature topped out around 40 degrees, a far cry from yesterday's meager 22 degrees. The temperatures won't drop much overnight and early tomorrow morning will be comparitively milder. But enjoy it while it lasts guessed it...another big cool down. The temperatures will be dropping during the day on Tuesday and by Wednesday morning, I expect teens again with single digit lows Thursday morning. But don't despair, in this typical roller coaster fashion, the weekend should bring much milder temperatures back into the 40s!

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