Latest On The Snow -

Latest On The Snow

As of 6:00 Wednesday evening I think we're still on track for a major winter storm to impact the St. louis area beginning Thursday afternoon. While much of this script remains unwritten there are a few ingredients that appear to be coming togther as planned. A deepening low pressure system is rolling out of the southwest and it appears it will be following a track very similar to what several of the models have been advertising.

So I fully expect some significant snowfall beginning Thursday afternoon through Thursday night. There are some mitigating factors that may come in to play though. First - the air over us is very dry and even though the storm will be collecting moisture as it rolls up from the southwest, we continue to see dry air pulled into our area from the east through midday Thursday. It may take a little while for our storm to overcome this dry air, delaying the onset of snow. Second - If a large area of thunderstorms develops to our south it may disrupt the migration of moisture into our storm. The end result of these two factors would be a little less accumulation. Right now Steve Templeton and I are forecasting 4 to 8 inches across the metropolitan area with 8 or more to our south. North of St. Louis it will taper off to near 2 inches in Pike county.

Stay tuned...

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