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A Pretty Good Forecast

Well that's 2 significant snow storms so far this season and I'm feeling pretty good about our forecasts. The metro-east was hardest hit this time around as the Super Predictor indicated on Thursday. The timing worked out well as the storm was winding down by early Friday morning. Matt and Steve did a great job handling the duties on Friday morning. Those guys are the best. I've been doing this for almost as long as those two have been alive and I'll tell you...this is clearly the best crew I've ever worked with. I admire their knowledge, enthusiasm and hairlines. It's great to appreciate the people you work with, makes you look forward to coming to work every day. Kristen has been a great addition to the staff too. She's the only one of us who actually looks better in high definition!

How do you like our new set? I think it's cool. Functionally it seems to be coming together nicely although we have a little less room than on the old set. It does provide more options and we are still tweaking the details. More to come.

It's been a snowy Winter so far with 16.4 inches of snow since December 1. The normal seasonal average is 21.7 inches. If we get there it will be the first time in 5 years that we've had above average snowfall. In fact we've only been above average for snow once in the past 10 years (29.8" in the Winter of 2002/2003).

Below is a link to the National Weather Service snowfall reports from our area.


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