Wintry Weather Round 5 -

Wintry Weather Round 5

Round 5ish anyway, I've lost count. I hate that groundhog.

A Winter Storm Warning remains in effect through 6pm FRIDAY evening. There won't be precipitation the whole time, but several distinct rounds.

The northern reaches of the viewing area will lean more toward a snow event. The southern reaches will lean more toward freezing rain. The majority of our viewing area including the entire St. Louis Metro area will see sleet, freezing rain and snow. We expect 1-3" of sleet and snow in total by the time this is over Friday afternoon. In addition, up to 1/2" of ice is possible. The models have been indicating that Thursday night into early Friday will be the best time frame for the freezing rain. Generally, once you get over 1/4" of ice, tree limbs begin to come down, occasionally bringing power lines with them.

As of now, it looks like the mix will change over to snow Friday during the mid-late morning as colder air works in aloft. It will continue as mainly light snow until it ends during the late afternoon/early evening.

In the meantime, bitterly cold temperatures will stick around so there will be no melting to help us out. Everything that falls will accumulate. Temperatures will finally climb back above freezing on Saturday.

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