Biggest Snow of The Winter In St. Louis -

Biggest Snow of The Winter In St. Louis

Tuesday March 4th was the biggest snow of the year in St. Louis with 10" officically at Lambert airport (the official measuring station for the St. Louis area). It puts our 2007-2008 winter snowfall total at 30.1" so far (could be a bit more before it's all over too). But this season's snowfall has not been rivaled in nearly 15 years since the Winter of 1992-1993 which had 30.3". So, as many people have guessed this is a snowy Winter compared to recent years.

What caused today's high snowfall amounts in St. Louis was a heavy snow band that set up over the area most of the mid morning and afternoon. These bands are thin ribbons where the heaviest snow falls and even thunder was reported at times. There was more than one band, as you can see from the map below made by the National Weather Service. Some spots in the heaviest band had 9-12" of snow. However, there was a VERY sharp drop off in snowfall outside of the heavy band. For example, Ellisville in Western St. Louis county reported 10.5" of snow. But If you were to travel just 8.5 miles Northwest to Weldon Spring in St. Charles County, the snow was only 3.5". It was all about being in the band of heavy snow or being out- that was the difference between a few inches and nearly a foot of snow.

I'd to take a moment to thank all our web users during the storm. We provided live updates on including radar analysis, up to date forecasts for the afternoon and evening drive, and of course shared with everyone watching on the web the reports and pictures directly from our web users. It was truly interactive. If you ever find yourself craving more information during a storm, check out the live streaming weather coverage here on

Drive safe!

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