The Great "Daylight Saving Time" Debate -

The Great "Daylight Saving Time" Debate

They say that a house divided cannot stand, but in the Chambers household, we've managed to prove that theory wrong a time or two.

My wife and I look at the longer daylight hours of spring and summer in very different ways.

We both work odd, and often long, hours. But, those hours don't typically match. My alarm goes off at 1:00 AM each weekday morning. As a result, if I'm behaving myself, I'm heading to bed sometime between 7:00 and 8:00 PM each weeknight. During the "short" cold days of winter, the sun sets long before I have to go to sleep, giving my bizarre sleeping pattern at least a hint of normalcy. At least I'm going to bed when it's dark outside!

By contrast, as the sun sets later and later, I find myself trying to go to bed at a time when daylight is still streaming into the bedroom, even through closed blinds. It's not easy to force yourself to end your day when you can hear the giggles of the kids outside enjoying the pleasant weather... when you can hear the hum of the neighbor's lawn mower. Even the ice cream man passes by from time to time, just to add insult to injury.

On the other side of the debate, my wife is sometimes going to work as I'm going to bed. She offers the opposite end of my argument, saying that driving to work in the daylight, even if she's working an overnight shift, adds some sense of normalcy to her schedule -- a valid argument.

So, Mother Nature, in her infinite wisdom, has seen fit to give us both about 6 months each year of convenient sunrise and sunset times.

As far as the debate at home, I guess our son will have to break the one-to-one tie. Of course, he's five-and-a-half months old, and probably won't have to worry about driving to (or going to sleep before) his first job for at least fifteen years or so. We might have to wait a while to delcare an eventual winner in this debate!

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