Severe Weather Awareness Week -

Severe Weather Awareness Week

Tornado sirens will sound across Missouri today as part of the National Weather Service's 2008 Severe Weather Awareness Week. Here is your chance to put your severe weather action plan into practice. A statewide tornado drill is scheduled for this afternoon at 1:30 PM.

Sirens all around the Show Me State will blare, weather radios will be triggered, and equipment in the 4Warn Storm Center will light up as a test tornado warning is issued for each and every county in Missouri. Illinois' statewide drill was last week.

Think about your normal daily routine. You spend time in your car, in the grocery store, in school, at work, at the gym, out for a jog... Would you know what to do if you heard those tornado sirens in the distance?

Preparation is the key. If you're prepared for the possibility of dangerous weather, and you've thought through a plan of action, there is a very high probability that you'll be safe and sound when the weather clears.

Believe me when I tell you that I could go on and on about severe weather safety, and the steps you should take to keep you and your loved ones safe when the weather turns foul, but our local National Weather Service office has put together a very useful web page devoted to that very topic, and to this severe weather awareness week in general.

Just click here to see all of the wonderful information that our friends at the National Weather Service have provided.

Looking for a way to get your kids interested in severe weather safety? Consider this -- the Weather Service has decided to give each day of the week a certain theme...

Monday: Preparedness Day
Tuesday: Tornado Safety Day
Wednesday: Flash Flood Safety Day
Thursday: Severe Thunderstorm Day
Friday: NOAA Weather Radio Day

Go online with your kids each day of this week to learn something new based on the theme of that particular day. It will be fun, and you'll probably learn something too!

Also, the 4Warn Storm Team is currently completing work on a half-hour severe weather special that will air soon on News4. You'll see great footage of past storms from around the St. Louis area, take a trip back in time through severe weather history in St. Louis, pick up some great safety tips, and see Chief Meteorologist Kent Ehrhardt's prediction for the coming tornado season. Stay tuned to and News4 for more information!

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