Coolest Winter Since 2001 -

Coolest Winter Since 2001

This Winter on average across the US and the globe is the coolest since 2001. While it was the coolest in recent years, it was still above the normal. You can find out more from this article, click here.

So this got me thinking...let's look at our numbers here in St. Louis for this Winter. By the way, to make keeping climate records easier, meteorologists consider Winter as the months of December, January and February. According to the preliminary climate numbers from St. Louis as measured at Lambert International Airport, it was really only February that was below normal. So, December in St. Louis posted a 1.6 degree above normal temperature. January was 3.4 degrees above normal. And as you may have guessed, February was chilly at 3.0 degrees below normal.

All in all it means the three month period of Dec., Jan., and Feb averaged out to be very near least for temperatures.

How about snow and sleet and all that mess?
Through December '07 and January-Februay '08 we had a total of 20.1" of snow and sleet. That's well above the average for those months in St. Louis which is around 13".

The numbers do show us why you hear so many people saying they're ready for Spring!

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