More Rain In The Forecast -

More Rain In The Forecast

With rain expected on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, we need to talk about flooding risks again.

A cold front passing through tonight will stall in the area by tomorrow morning. It will remain in the vicinity until Friday when it will finally slide southeast. In the meantime, plenty of moisture will overrun the front and a series of disturbances will move along it. This will lead to several rounds of showers and storms. At this point, severe storms aren't a huge concern although some hail isn't out of the question.

This will be unlike the rain that brought us all the flooding last week. That was more widespread and persistent. This will be more off and on. At the same time, there will be a few locally heavy amounts.

Because the ground is still saturated, heavy rain will lead to rapid runoff and could cause flash flooding. That's one of the things we're watching.

Also, a lot of snow fell to our north this winter. Snowmelt upstream could cause us problems down the road. We're monitoring it.

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