March Madness, Weather-style... A Soggy Record -

March Madness, Weather-style... A Soggy Record

When the sun came up on the last day of March, we were sitting at spot #7 on the list of wettest Marches in recorded St. Louis history. But, with more rain in the forecast, and with less than an inch between our monthly rain total and the all-time March record, it was clear that we had a shot at rewriting the record books.

Sure enough, with Monday's total of 1.22 inches at Lambert International Airport, March of 2008 became the wettest March on the books in St. Louis. With a total of 8.39 inches for the month, we passed by leaps and bounds our normal March rainfall of 3.60 inches. The previous record of 8.25 inches stood for 111 years! That high-water March mark was set in 1897.

Here is a look at the updated top 10 wettest Marches on record in St. Louis...

1. 8.39" (2008)
2. 8.25" (1897)
3. 7.97" (1913)
4. 7.87" (1904)
5. 7.73" (1898)
6. 7.67" (1927)
7. 7.63" (1945)
8. 6.90" (1876)
9. 6.67" (1978)
10. 6.59" (1938)

By the way, the wettest month ever in St. Louis was August of 1946, when 14.78 inches of rain fell.

Monday's rain washed out the Cardinals' home opener for only the fourth time ever. It was the first time opening day had been rained out since 1994. Tonight's second attempt looks to go off without a hitch. While cooler weather is expected at the ballpark tonight (7:15 PM start time), you can leave the umbrella at home. Our next chance of rain will hold off until late Wednesday at the earliest. Thursday's day game (scheduled for 12:15 PM) could be in jeopardy too with more rain and storms possible.

River flooding will again become a real concern as additional rain falls in the coming weeks, and melting snow to our north will only increase local river levels. Click here to see the National Weather Service's "Spring Flood Outlook".

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