An Active Week Ahead -

An Active Week Ahead

Despite today being a beautiful Sunday, it looks like we have a couple stormy days ahead this week. It's not going to be one of those weeks with a chance of rain every day, but it looks like both Tuesday and Thursday could see storms with a potential for heavy rain.

Tuesday morning a warm front moves in with more moisture which should produce some morning showers and a few storms across the area. But it's Tuesday afternoon that looks a bit more interesting with more instability. That should result in an increased chance for some severe storms. The severe threat appears most likely after Noon on Tuesday and through 9:00 PM Tuesday evening. While the timing may change in the forecast, it looks like Tuesday is our next chance for strong storms.

Then we dry out Wednesday before another system rolls through Thursday. Thursday's forecast has a lot more uncertainty involved as there will be a sharp temperature and moisture gradient from North of St. Louis (less moisture and cooler) to South of St. Louis (warmer and moist with a better chance for the stronger storms). We've got a few more days to watch how Thursday's forecast evolves and we'll get more specific later in the week.

Both Tuesday and Thursday will bring our area a chance for heavy rain and so flash flooding may become an issue again. If any watches come out for flooding or severe weather, you can get the latest update right here on Near the top of the weather page we have a scrolling bar with weather alerts and if we get storms we'll switch over to storm mode on the web to provide you more detailed maps and radar views.

More Updates to come...


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