Another Shake, Rattle & Roll? -

Another Shake, Rattle & Roll?

Everyone is asking, "Did you feel the earthquake"? I'm so dissapointed that I slept through it and did not feel the aftershock later in the morning. Oh Well, maybe next time. It turns out there have been more than 10 smaller after shocks, even a few today.

The strongest aftershock today (Saturday) hit around Noon. However, it rated a 2.8 which no one likely noticed except for geologists studying and monitoring the area. Here's the report from today's 2.8, click here.

To find out if another aftershock has hit or track earthquakes around our area, click here.

It's interesting to note that on the Richter Magnitude scale each whole number higher represents 31 times more energy released. So an earthquake of 5.5 magnitude may sound just a bit stronger than a 4.5 Magnitude, but in actuality it's 31 times more powerful. Here's more on the Richter Magnitude Scale from the USGS web site.

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