Close to 80, but no cigar -

Close to 80, but no cigar

The high temperature Tuesday was 79, which is above the average high of 69, but it means we still haven't hit 80 at Lambert International Airport. Now, I've seen quite a few low 80s on Tuesday from our weatherbug netowrk (links for those sites are in the middle of the weather page here on, but we just can't seem to get to 80 at Lambert. But we're forecasting temperatures near 80 for Wednesday, which could be our first 80 degree or higher day of the year.

Last year our first 80 degree day came on March 25th, 2007 (83). And last April 30th we actually hit 91. But so far this year we've only seen the thermometer at Lambert Airport get as high as 79.

Part of the reason the highs are cooler in our seven day forecast for Thursday and Friday is that we expect more cloud cover and high rain chances, which ultimately help to keep the temperature down a bit. And a cold front should keep our temperatures in the 60s this weekend.

Now if we look even further down the road at May, you'll see the map below is the climate prediction center's forecast for the month of May. We're in an area that basically has equal chances for cooler than normal or warmer than normal temperatures averaged for the month.

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