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Worse than 1993?!?


Can that possibly be?

Indeed, the latest river level forecasts indicate that this episode of flooding on the Mississippi River may actually approach (if not surpass) those record levels set in the Great Flood of 1993, at least upstream from Grafton (north of St. Louis).

To keep this as simple as possible, let's start north and work our way south.

Flood stage: 15 feet
Current crest forecast: 28.1 feet Saturday, June 21
1993 Record Crest: 28.40 feet
Current forecast would fall just shy of the 1993 record.

Flood stage: 25 feet
Current crest forecast: 37.7 feet Saturday, June 21
1993 Record Crest: 37.50 feet
Current forecast would set a NEW RECORD.

Flood stage: 26 feet
Current crest forecast: 39.3 feet Sunday night, June 22
1993 Record Crest: 39.62 feet
Current forecast would fall just shy of the 1993 record.

Flood stage: 18 feet
Current crest forecast: 31.2 feet Monday, June 23
1993 Record Crest: 38.15 feet

Flood stage: 21 feet
Current crest forecast: 32.6 feet Sunday night, June 22
1993 Record Crest: 42.74 feet

St. Louis
Flood stage: 30 feet
Current crest forecast: 39.5 feet Monday night, June 23
1993 Record Crest: 49.58 feet

Flood stage: 27 feet
Current crest forecast: 41.4 feet Wednesday morning, June 25
1993 Record Crest: 49.74 feet

Bear in mind, a number of factors can (and in many cases already have) change the timing and severity of these crests. Additional rainfall and upstream levee breaks are just two variables that could impact the above numbers in a substantial way. We'll do our best to keep you updated with the latest river level forecast both online and on air at KMOV.com and News4.

In Addition to the Mississippi River, major flooding is also occurring along parts of the Illinois and Cuivre Rivers. Minor to moderate flooding is occurring along the Missouri River, which has now crested across our area. Arnold (moderate flooding) and Valley Park (minor flooding) along the Meramec will also experience high water in the coming days, with cresting expected early next work-week.

So, while metropolitan St. Louis will not see rivers rise to 1993 levels, some points north of Grafton might. The fact that this event and the Great Flood of 15 years ago are even being mentioned in the same sentence means that folks, especially north of St. Louis, will be talking about the Flood of 2008 for generations to come!

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