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Levee Breaches Change The Flood Forecast

*****Yet Another Update, Thursday Evening June 19th**********

We Never Stop looking over the latest flood information and there has been a significant change. Because of levee breaches North of St. Louis, the crest forecast along the Mississippi has changed significantly. Along the Mississippi in our viewing area the crest is forecast to be 1 to 2 feet lower than previously thought. This means levels should be below the record crests from 1993 (though close to the record at some points North).

The crest dates have changed as well, and the crest is now earlier for Alton (slowly falling), St. Louis and Chester. However, North of Alton and St. Louis the crest has been pushed back. This means despite the lower crest level, the river will remain high for longer. Crests to the North should be Monday through Wednesday of next week. Below I will post the very latest numbers, but keep in mind that these numbers are bound to change, especially if more levees breach.

Flood stage: 15 feet
Current crest forecast: 26.3' Monday Morning, June 23rd
***Additional Rises Possible Thereafter
1993 Record Crest: 28.40 feet

Flood stage: 25 feet
Current crest forecast: 36.6' Monday Morning, June 23rd
***Additional Rises Possible Thereafter
1993 Record Crest: 37.50 feet

Flood stage: 26 feet
Current crest forecast: 36.8' Tuesday Afternoon, June 24th
***Additional Rises Possible Thereafter
1993 Record Crest: 39.62 feet

Flood stage: 18 feet
Current crest forecast: 30.0' Wednesday Evening June 25th
1993 Record Crest: 38.15 feet

Flood stage: 21 feet
Current crest forecast: 31.4' Thursday evening June 19th and now slowly falling
1993 Record Crest: 42.74 feet

St. Louis
Flood stage: 30 feet
Current crest forecast: 37.3' Friday Morning, June 20th
1993 Record Crest: 49.58 feet

Flood stage: 27 feet
Current crest forecast: 38.5' Saturday Afternoon, June 21st.
1993 Record Crest: 49.74 feet

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