Major Flooding Continues, But Focus Is Changing -

Major Flooding Continues, But Focus Is Changing

Now that the Mississippi River is cresting (or nearly cresting) in our area, our focus in the 4Warn Storm Center is changing. You'll hear less and less now about crest times and heights, and more about the duration of the crest.

Unfortunately, in a major river flooding event like this one, water levels don't typically drop quickly after cresting. Many locations up and down the Mississippi River will spend two or three days near crest level. This is a serious problem! The extended period of high water exerts enormous pressure on already flood-weary levees.

We've seen the unfortunate eventual outcome -- numerous levee breaks, leading to flash flooding. The Elm Point levee in St. Charles county is one of the most recent examples, finally giving in to the rushing high water early Tuesday morning. The Pin Oak levee southeast of Winfield, MO in Lincoln County is also in danger of failing, and a flash flood watch has been posted for parts of that county.

Water in the Mighty Mississipp will continue to run near crest levels through much of this work-week. We might finally begin to see a slow drop this late this week or this weekend, but it will be a number of weeks before water levels drop below flood stage. is bursting at its digital seams with information, pictures, SkyZoom4 video, and much more on the Great '08 Flood. Stay with and News4 for the latest developments, because News4 never stops!

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