Are We Done With Flooding? -

Are We Done With Flooding?

As the River falls, some may be thinking that we're done with the flood threat. But the Mississippi River is still not below flood stage in our area and so the flooding impact continues. However, take a look at the chart below where the line graph forecasts the falling river level in Winfield. The going forecast has the Mississippi falling to below flood stage in Winfield this weekend. At St. Louis the Mississippi should fall below flood stage on Wednesday.

However, these forecasts don't take into account rainfall later in the week. So, I checked the latest US precipitation forecast for the next 3 days and you can see that below. It's possible there will be 3 or more inches of rain in the Upper Mississippi Valley over the next few days. This future rainfall could slow the river from falling as quickly as we'd like.

Eventhough the high water is slowly subsiding, we need to be wary of future rain that could halt the fall of the rivers or worse send them back on the rise. Of course, we'll be watching that for you over the next several weeks. However, it's a good sign that we're expecting to be below flood stage at most locations on the Mississippi in our area by the end of this upcoming weekend.

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