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Longest Dry Stretch of the Year?!?

July is known for its hot and humid days in the St. Louis area. It's unusual to see a cold front push this far southward during the mid-summer... unusual, but not unheard of.

It actually happened over the weekend. A few strong to severe thunderstorms developed ahead of a front Friday and Saturday, but then, bucking the usual summer trend, a cold front passed through our entire viewing area, leaving cooler and less humid air in its wake Sunday.

We're still feeling the comfortable effects of that front early this week with mostly sunny skies and low humidity. Temperatures (and humidity levels) will slowly climb through the work-week, taking us into the mid 90s by Friday.

Even more impressive than the seasonable temperatures and low humidity is the dry time we're expecting. Our next chance of rain, as of now, appears to arrive this Saturday, and even then chances are slim. So, if you include this past Sunday, we're expecting a dry stretch of at least six full days.

So far, 2008 has been a very active and wet year. Going more than just a couple of days without seeing some sort of wet weather has been a tall order. So, I wondered...

Is this dry stretch going to be the longest of the year so far?

I went digging through the records here in the 4Warn Storm Center this morning, and found only two dry periods (using data from Lambert Airport) that compare.

June 14-19 (6 days): DRY
March 5-12 (8 days): DRY

So, we're in the midst of one of the longest dry stretches we've seen this year. Want to do some outdoor paitning? Need to pour some concrete? Time to seal your deck? If you've got something on your to-do list that requires a few consecutive dry days, now is the time to get to it! If the second half of 2008 is anything like the first, you might not get a chance like this again!

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