Mini Heat Wave Breaks -

Mini Heat Wave Breaks

On Tuesday a cold front will bring a cool down to the area, ending eight days in a row of 90 degree heat or higher, including Sunday's 99 degree high and Monday's 98 degree high.

Heat Index: With more heat surely around the corner (it's not even August yet) I thought I'd explain a little bit about the heat index. Firstly, you may hear us say "heat index" and "feels like temperature" and wonder what's the difference? Well, there is no difference. When I visited Quebec, Canada I believe they called it the Humidex. Either way, it's all the same thing...a way for us to explain that it feels hotter to the average person when high humidity is combined with hot temperatures.

Calculated In Shade: The heat index (I'll just call it that the rest of this blog) is calculated based on shady conditions. This is critical, because it means the heat index in full sunshine could be 10 to 15 degrees hotter! That's why when we interviewed a construction worker, he said one of his tips is to seek out the shade. So we can go from 115 degree heat to 100 degree heat by just staying in the shade. It doesn't sound like much, but every bit of cooler air helps.

More Heat Around The Corner? We're expecting mid to upper 80s the next few days, and low 90s by the weekend. You can see that in our 7day forecast here at which is updated 4 times a day. But I checked out the climate prediction center's general temeprature trend for days 8-14 (July 29th-Aug. 4th). You can see below that we are in an area of equal chances for temperatures below or above normal. This means that there is no strong signal of a heat wave in that period. But, that's still 2 weeks out and we'll keep you updated if things change.

Templeton Out!

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