Big Time Heat On The Way -

Big Time Heat On The Way

The History:
Last year on August 2nd we began a major heat wave with 13 of 14 days 95 or hotter. The hottest temperature of the year was during that stretch on August 15th at 105!

The Forecast:
Will we repeat that this August as we expect intense heat to build in on Sunday? It doesn't look like we'll have as long a stretch of major heat, but all the forecast models are showing a common weather pattern that leads to some of the hottest summer days around here.

While it will be very hot Friday, a weak front moves in and should help keep it slightly cooler but still hot on Saturday. If the front shoves off to the North as expected, Sunday should hit 97, Monday and Tuesday 99 and possibly hotter.

Wednesday and Thursday the pattern should break down and allow slightly cooler air to move in or near the bi-state, which could also cause some storms that help to cool it a down bit. However, it can be very difficult to break down this intense heat, so we'll keep you posted on the longer range forecast for late next week.

The Heat Index:
I thought I'd explain a little bit about the heat index, which we will hear a lot of through this stretch of heat. Firstly, you may hear us say "heat index" and "feels like temperature" and wonder what's the difference? Well, there is no difference. It's all the same thing...a way for us to explain that it feels hotter to the average person when high humidity is combined with hot temperatures.

The heat index is calculated based on shady conditions. This is critical, because it means the heat index in full sunshine could be 10 to 15 degrees hotter! That's why seeking the shade is so critical. But, you can bet that I'll be seeking the air conditioning!

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