Storm Damage Photos -

Storm Damage Photos

This large tree smashed in the roof of an SUV and blew out the back windows. It was a massive tree that was uprooted from what is estimated to be 60-70mph winds in Jerseyville, IL from the storms Tuesday night August 5th. I went up to Jerseyville and snapped these pictures as we inspected the extensive wind damage.

Another tree about 50 feet away from this one had a large limb come crashing down on another car...and this one had people in it! I spoke to Penny Chandler who was in the car with her kids as the intense winds quickly picked up and started blowing trees and tree limbs down. No one was injured thankfully, and I must say she talked about the event calmy and must have handled the chaos smoothly.

The Dollar General in town had roof damage and windows blown out as well. And as we drove around town, there was pile after pile after pile of tree branches in people's front yards waiting to be picked up.

One woman mentioned to me that a corn field just East of town was flattened. A story you don't here often is that type of rural wind damage will cost farmers thousands of dollars. I asked her about insurance and she said it just wouldn't cover the entire loss.

The folks in Jerseyville were very kind to me and the News 4 crew as we showed some of the damage on the news that night. And it was great to tell our news audience that night that no injuries were reported in the Jerseyville area.

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