August -- 2007 vs. 2008 -

August -- 2007 vs. 2008

It's the middle of August, and in a typical year, we would be busy in the 4Warn Storm Center calculating the heat index and keeping up with the latest heat advisories. But, this year has been anything but typical.

An unusual weather pattern over the mid-section of the country has kept the worst of the heat and humidity to our west and south so far this August, keeping us on the cool side of the averages for this time of year. Since the local weather patterns have been a bit out of whack recently, I thought it would be interesting to compare our weather over the first half of this August to the first half of August, 2007.

I was right! The results were not only interesting, but a bit jarring too! How quickly we forget the incredible, oppresive, and seemingly unending heat and humidity that often settles into Missouri and Illinois in the middle of Summer. Let's check the numbers...

As of this posting, we're 15 days into August, so 14 days are wrapped up and in the books. Of those 14 days...

*Only 3 days have hit or surpassed the 90-degree mark.
*We've seen highs at or below 85 degrees for the last 8 straight days!

Of the first 14 days of August in 2007...

*All 14 days hit a high of 90 degrees or above!
*Four days hit 100 degrees or warmer!

I'm constantly reminding myself not to take this mid-August weather for granted. It could be, and often is, much warmer and more humid.

Those of you who are pining for some high heat (yes, we know you're out there), let's not count summer out just yet. By the end of September, average high temperatures drop into the middle 70s in the St. Louis area, but record highs in the triple digits have occurred as late as September 29!

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