Nice Here But Not In The Gulf -

Nice Here But Not In The Gulf

August has been a very tolerable month in St. Louis. Known for having oppressive heat and humidity this time of year we really got a break this in 2008. This does not mean that the cold season will be any colder than normal. In fact the 3 month forecast that takes us into Autumn is calling for a chance of above normal temperatures.

After some strong storms this evening (Thursday) I expect a near perfect 3 day weekend to cap off our Summer in St. Louis. Skies will be sunny, nights will be mild and no rain anticipated until the middle of next week.

Meanwhile all eyes are on the Gulf coast as Gustav takes aim on communities still struggling to recover from Katrina 3 years ago. Gustav is expected to strengthen into a major hurricane over the weekend and threaten the Gulf coast somewhere between the Florida panhandle and Texas. Tropical Storm Hanna has also formed in the western Atlantic and a couple of disturbances have the potential to become named storms in the days to come. The peak of the hurricane season is in early September and it's starting to look like it could be a busy one.

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