Gustav, Our Rain Chances, Hanna and Ike -

Gustav, Our Rain Chances, Hanna and Ike

Hurricane Gustav came ashore about 70 miles Southwest of New Orleans as a strong category 2 hurricane with sustained winds of 110 mph. Because the intensity weakened a bit (though still a big time storm) and because the storm hit much farther away from New Orelans, the Crescent City was spared the type of damage Katrina brought. But it was the fact that (so far) the levees have not failed that has made the big difference in New Orelans.
Here's where you can follow Gustav, which by tomorrow will simply become a slow moving rain maker the rest of the week, with a possibility of weak tornadoes.

Our Rain Chances From Gustav: There still some debate on how this will play out later this week, but at the very least Gustav will pump moisture into our area helping to develop scattered storms late Tuesday night and Wednesday. The main spark for these storms is a slow moving cold front, which will stall out just south of St. Louis Thursday and Friday. What we need to watch is where a large pool of deep moisture from Gustav will move on Wednesday night through Thursday and Friday. Some models have this coming into the Bi-state, which could produce 2 inches of rain, possibly much more. There's so much uncertainty this far out, that we want to give you a heads up of the heavy rain possibility, but will need to stay on top of further updates to see how this pans out.

Hurricane Hanna: And as if that wasn't enough to track, Hanna became a hurricane today. That means the sustained winds reached 74 mph or greater, which is the threshold to earn the name "hurricane". This storm is hitting the Bahamas but could ride up the East coast of Florida and make landfall near the Georgia and South Carolina border by Friday afternoon.

Here's a link to stay on top of Hanna's forecasted path:

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Tropical Storm Ike has formed...can you believe this! A tropical storm has sustained winds between 39-73 mph. This one is WAY out in the Atlantic, but could hit the Bahama's this weekend.

Here's the link on Ike:

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