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Fall Foliage Update

With the weather turning dry through this upcoming weekend and possibly our next storm chance coming Monday night into Tuesday of next week, we should have plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors. But is it a good time to see the Fall foliage across the area?

I found a great web site from the Missouri Department of Conservation, click here, that updates the Fall foliage conditions in our area. According to the latest update, the Fall colors are changing slowly. And the post goes on to mention how cooler mornings will help change those colors, but my forecast has us seeing above normal morning lows in the 50s and 60s through this weekend.

At the same time, each day means less and less daylight, which also impacts the changing colors. So, I think we will see more colors show this weekend, but it won't be the brilliant peak of Fall colors. Rather, I would expect the peak of Fall colors in our area will come in mid to late October, the weekends of the 18th-19th and the 25th-26th should be better for fall color watching. And we'll keep you posted on if the weather will cooperate too.

If you're thinking of doing some driving to check out the Fall colors that surely will peak over the next couple of weeks or so, here's a couple of links you might find interesting:

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